2023 Goals and Roadmap

Hi, First off, I massively LovePlum, such a great fun way to save money.

I have some ideas.

Some sort of public roadmap on what’s being implemented and a planned timeline would be amazing. Standard disclaimer that the roadmap is on target or priorities has had to change. But internally you must have a detailed plan, but some sort of public roadmap might be nice
For example. in q1 we aim to implement … and we are on target, by September we aim to roll out feature X

Or even going one step further and actually asking Plummers what they would like from a list and let us vote on it? (of course, you have your own goals) but working with the community may be what they would like to be implemented next? and then some sort of vote after that is completed on what’s next.

I’d like to list a few things Id love to see.

  1. Tablet support (big screen) app is great, but id love to see this on a tablet or even dare I say a web app so I can use it on a laptop, maybe using the extra space for share prices, and market notes.

  2. I love the simplicity of the trading platform you have built, but a few more options would be nice, like a stop-loss alert, and dividend announcement alerts on stocks invested in.

  3. Some sort of dividend calendar (announced, expected, paid) would be amazing …

  4. An export feature, so I can import my stock into google sheets to analyze easier.

  5. An API for getting my stock and shares info out into my own dashboard for my own analysis. being able to pull them into a sheet (even if it was read-only) for example, yahoo finance would allow me to query the stock symbol and get their analystAdvice, if I should hold, sell or buy, even if I had to come back to the app to actually make the trade… this would save me hours a month, manually copying all my stock out into a sheet…

  6. Add a note field against each stock (for the ones we own, so I can add my own notes to remind me of things)

Absolutely #LovePlum thank you to the Plum team…

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