A message from the Plum Team

Hey Plumsters,

Another round of lockdown might have left many of us feeling a bit isolated, but we just want to let you know that you’re not alone!

Of course, we’ll keep on helping you do more with your money, but if you’re feeling the strain then please always remember that there are lots of organisations here in the UK that can offer support. Here’s a selection that might be especially relevant right now:

  • Headspace: for online meditation
  • NHS: for free therapy or counselling
  • Relate: for relationship advice
  • Mind: for mental health support
  • Calm: for support helpline
  • Cruse: for bereavement care

How we (Plum) can support you during lockdown

Money worries can disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in society, such as those with mental health challenges. Our aim is to alleviate financial concerns to free up more time to focus on ways to feel fitter and healthier.

We built the Plum app as a smart way to make your money do more, by helping you automatically set money aside, boss your budget, lower your household bills and invest for your future.

You can think of Plum as an autopilot for your finances! You set the destination (whether that be clearing debt, building a financial safety net, or planning for tomorrow), and let us deliver you there safely.

Plum Team

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