Add account security features

The Plum app is fantastic. However, as the app stands I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving large amounts of money in my account, the method used to access your account seems less secure than other platforms and there is a lack of basic security features.

Right now the app only has a pin or face id option, both of which seem to be for app security and not account security. It would be good to add some actual account security features like:

  1. Option to add a password to your account that’s required when you try to log in from a new device, this would add an extra level of security to your plum account.

  2. Two step authentication option like Authy/Google Authenticator or just a text that gets sent to your phone number if you’re trying to set up/log in from a new device.

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Agree with this, good suggestion.

I agree

Two step verification at the minimum ,password and password retrieval ,authenticator, immediate alert if your account is accessed from a unknown device or location you have not registered with plum .

Hi @IdeasFactory

Thank you so much for your feedback!

I have passed it to the relevant team.