Annual Investment Growth Metric

I often refer to the the percentage growth on my funds to see how much additional money I’ve earned on them, and how their performance compares to each other. However I’ve been using funds for different periods of time and investing different amounts, so overall it can be difficult to fully compare each one. Can I suggest an annual percentage growth metric, or an average annual growth per year within the fund? It’s a common goal to aim for I.e 6-8% growth annually etc, to make it comparable with annual interest rates etc, so it would be so useful to know how each fund, and it turn your investments within them, have performed within certain years (not necessarily the most recent year to date only as you can already see within fund performance), and on average across years invested.
Hope this makes sense, and that this is something you can consider and provide in time.


Hi @Elaine :wave:

Thanks so much for the feedback, I will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team.

The product team reviews all feature requests we get and we spend a lot of time researching and working on new features, but at the moment I don’t have any details on if/when this will be released, as we don’t have a public road-map. Whenever we do release new features, we’ll announce it in-app and via email, so I’d recommend keeping an eye for these.



Great idea Elaine, I back this suggestion too! :slight_smile:

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