API to see balances (Wallboard)


I’m building my own personal digital wallboard, covering lots of my personal devices (similar to a smart mirror) covering my electric usage, heating status, lights, what’s playing on the radio, the status of my APs and WAN links, and a financial section…

I’m wondering if there is any way to get the value of my plum investments? so that I could show them as well in my financial section? I don’t want to be doing any screen scraping and would love an official way? I do this with coinbase already.

I’m not interesting in APIs to do trades, only see my balance of my pots or investments,



Hey @PixelatedDad

A public API is not something that is on the roadmap currently. However, I have forwarded your feedback to our Product team, for further consideration. :+1: :purple_heart:

Lovely idea by the way. Would love to see the finished product. :smile: