App won’t log in

Get the link but been stuck on check email for 20minutes. Have deleted & reinstalled but no luck

I’ve had this for the last couple of days. I’ve been messaging someone on email at plum and they’ve asked for the full account number and sort code it’s linked to.

Is this normal procedure?

Honestly I’ve no idea. I’ve got money in the account I’d like to remove if I’m unable to access it again.

Hi @Emmajayne and @Syma1010

We are happy to help you! :blush: Have you contacted with the support team at ?

I had the same thing as you and I had to recreate an account.
despite that I would like to find the money that I deposited on the old account that I made and to which I no longer have access because and they told me that my email address is not linked to any account

Hi there :wave:

We can see our support team is already handling your case.

Thank you! :blush:

I have just had the same?! Dud your issue get resolved!?
I have just tried to go into my app to withdraw money & my account is empty with £0???!!!
I’ve tried ‘chat to a human’ & just got generic answers that aren’t applicable
I want my money back! :cold_sweat:

Hi @fiona_maddie :wave:

Could you drop a message to please?

Our support team should be able to assist you with this one.