Can no longer track gains

I recently withdrew the money from all my investment pots (buying a house) so the balances were all £0. I have since started investing again but the ‘Since you started’ and ‘Since yesterday’ is still tracking against my previous values from when I starting investing over a year ago. So there is no way to see the true losses/gains on my new investments. This makes it almost impossible to know how well the investments are doing. Is the ability to sett ‘new’ starting investment dates a feature on an upcoming update? If not I will need to invest elsewhere. thanks!

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I also find this frustrating, but fortunately not a big issue for me as I’ve only ever reinvested into new funds from scratch each time.

Don’t think it’s on a public roadmap but definitely a bug they’re aware of and likely on their to do list later in the year after US fractional shares and crypto launches.

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I see the same after a large withdrawal for a recent home improvement. Even though I’m now re-investing, the gained balance is still (0.00%) this part of the app needs to be looked at really… an overall earnings total is fine, but id love to see a monthly breakdown, total invested, total up or down interest that month, and then the same for each year. (Love Plum though, just a few small few areas that need a little love)

I’m in the same boat on this one. Can Plum shed any light and fix this please?!