Can’t save money on my utilities

I reported months ago that there is an issue with the Save Money feature for utilities. My account has some sort of default tariff set up and, when I try to set the correct, current tariff the app simply crashes.

I keep being told that this is being worked on but surely I can’t be the only person with this issue?

iPhone XS, latest iOS, latest Plum.

Tried deleting and reinstalling Plum.

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Hi @CaptainSB :wave:

Oh, I am really sorry about that.

Have you tried contacting with the support team at for further investigation?

Thank you!


Constantly for the last several months. It seems they are struggling to identify and fix the bug.

Hi @CaptainSB ,

Oh I am sorry for any inconvenience.

I see, our technical team is still working on your case. One of your agents will come back to you once there is an update.

Thank you for your ongoing patience :pray: