Cancelled deposit in easy access savings

So I manually deposited money from my primary pocket to my easy access savings and it went well to begin with. Later on I noticed it the money wasn’t in either pocket. It has transferred from the primary pocket, but been cancelled by the easy access savings and seems to have just vanished.

Hi @Bethsewell :wave:

While transfers to non-interest pockets tend to be instantaneous it is a different case with transfers to Interest-bearing pockets:

  • Interest deposits are submitted to our partner, Investec, once per day at 14:00.
  • Investec will receive the money the next business day and then your funds will be added to your interest pocket.

So if you do a late afternoon interest deposit your money will complete the next business day. If you make an interest deposit in the morning it may arrive by the end of the same day.

Please let us know how it goes.


I understand that. But I want to know why it’s been cancelled and where my money has gone. The link is a screenshot of the money leaving my primary pocket and being cancelled from my saving pockets

Hi @Bethsewell ,

I have sent you a DM, could you check it so we investigate it together?

Thank you!