Cannot access money in my Moneymaximiser

I’m really unhappy with this and I had a gut feeling that I should never have gone along with it. I made a manual deposit into money maximiser as it says that could access same day withdrawals. This was last Sunday 28th November.

Lots of my direct debits leave my account on 1st of each month including very important ones like my car and life insurance etc. I’ve been in touch with Plum on the chat to a human section, but they just telling me it will be there at the end of the day. They have been saying this since Monday 29th and it’s now Wednesday 1st I am over my overdraft limit because I can’t withdraw my own money.

I wish I’d never done this. I’ve got to call my bank and find out how they can help me. I cannot believe that I cannot access my own money to pay my own bills. Why is my money still not in my money maximiser 3 days after I transferred it in? :angry: