Cash hasn't arrived in my Plum yet

My bank account is showing a transfer to Plum on Friday 26/11/2021 as of Monday 29/11/2021 the money is still not available in my plum account. There arent any bounce backs or anything showing in my bank account and the money would usually be available by now. The balance is showing as the transfer amount but the amount available is showing as £0.


Hi :wave:

We are really sorry to hear that.

For more details, we will need to take a look into your Plum account.

Could you contact us via ‘chat to human’ in the app, or by emailing please? Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you!

Thank you - I have messaged on the chat to human in the app 2 hrs ago
Will await their reply

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I’m in the same boat. I was expecting to receive the money in my plum account on the 30th November and it’s the 7th December and it still hasn’t arrived yet. Is there an exact eta of when I expect the money to arrive

I was in the same boat, cash arrived today (due 30/11). When I requested the withdrawal the funds were worth £379. Today I received £204!! Not happy.

Same here :frowning: I requested a £350 withdrawal about 20 days ago and today received £260. The delayed withdrawal was due to technical issues on plum’s side, but yet I’m the one paying for the problem. Am I understanding that right? Doesn’t seem fair.

I’ve just had the below back from Plum regarding my missing funds. Fingers crossed its the same for you too and that the money arrives quickly!


While our engineers fixed the issue and the process was resumed, the money distribution for the sell orders is still in progress. It means that once the process is completed the rest of the money due for these sell orders will be credited to your Primary Pocket.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime!:pray: