Credit card account not being factored in to savings?

A linked credit card shows (for me at least) as available balance £0.

In reality, it’s something like -£500 or -£1,000 etc.

Plum is calculating savings based on all my positive figures, but my bank account is used to pay off the credit amount. But a) for the duration that my credit isn’t due, it looks like I have far more money to save than the reality (because of the impending credit payment) and b) Plum doesn’t even recognise that the credit card is in a minus amount… it always shows as zero.

Does this make sense? Basically Plum thinks I’ve got more to save than in reality, because it’s not factoring in that next week/next day/next fortnight I will be making a large credit payment. payment.

Not sure if this is entirely clear. I’m testing a few other apps and Emma and Yolt grasp the concept of factoring credit balance into overall available funds.

Hope this feedback is useful!

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Hello @Ronan :wave:

Hope you are well!

I see your point and I really do appreciate for sharing it with us.

Plum will never use a credit card to make deposits or withdrawals, but the data can be integrated to make the overall experience smarter and more tailored to you. However, it might not show the negative balance when it comes to credit cards. It will take into consideration though any payments made from your main bank account even those to your credit card.

Please be assured we are constantly working to improve the overall process.

Thank you for your valuable feedback :pray:



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Hi Georgios

Thanks for the reply, and I understand what you mean. But I am not sure it’s working as intended.

Let’s say I’ve spent £5,000 on credit this month vs. usual spend of £1,000 (just using round numbers for the example). I would expect Plum to really cut down the size of withdrawals it’s making.

Plum is not doing that - it is continuing its saving amounts based on my normal spending pattern. This is because I haven’t made this new, unique payment of £5,000 yet. But it’s on the horizon - I can see it, Plum could technically be able to thanks to the credit card API. But what I think is happening is Plum will only factor in what it saves AFTER I’ve made that big credit payment. Which means it wasn’t intelligently saving beforehand.

Does that make sense? It’s using credit payments retrospectively which means when there is a big variation that it could foresee, it’s not foreseeing it.

All the best

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Hello @Ronan

Hope you are doing well.

While we are working on the improvements, you can change the mood of your savings. Moods go from 1-6 with 1 being “Shy” and 6 being “Beast Mode.” The lower to mood, the less Plum will save for you. :grinning:

To change mood inside the app, tap on ‘Brain’ and click on Automatic under ‘Rules’.

Tap under ‘Current Mood’ and you will be prompted to choose your new saving mood.

Also, you can turn off one or more of the saver rules by going to Brain>Rules > Toggle the desired ones off.

Thank you! :blush: