Credit card 'balance'

I’ve unlinked my credit card now as it was telling me I had £9,000 available to spend which is just my credit limit. I would be totally irresponsible if I spent that much! It would be better if it showed the negative balance actually spent, rather than how much is left to a limit.


Hello Linda :wave:

Thanks so much for the feedback, we will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team. :+1:

The product team reviews all feature requests we get and we spend a lot of time researching and working on new improvements.



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This is also related to my feedback about Plum not factoring in a credit card’s negative balance: Credit card account not being factored in to savings?


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It’s still a nonsense. I just linked it again and it’s still showing over £9,000 to my credit limit and not the £47 credit card I actually owe.
I’ve unlinked it again. Please sort it out.

Hi Linda :wave:

Hope you are doing well.

Can you send an email to for more details regarding your Plum account please? Our team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you!