Crowdcube investment

I invested in plum via Crowdcube last year. There have been no updates on the crowdcube website since October 21. Could someone give an update on how things are going and if there is a way to see the value of our investment?


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Hi there!

We are preparing an update to come out soon to all of our investor, please be vigilant as comms are coming soon to investors.


Still waiting …….was it worth it ?

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Good point…

Plum - any updates on our investments?? Radio silence for several months isn’t very helpful



Since July, we’ve sent out our monthly email investor newsletter, where we keep you informed about the latest developments at Plum.

Two emails have been sent so far. Please have a look at your inbox to check this out!

The last email was sent on Tuesday, in case you have not received it please contact us at to assist you with it.

Re. the value of your investment, it is typically updated when there is a funding round and there hasn’t been a series/crowdfunding round since last year.

Thank you!

Capital at risk.