Delayed sell-orders and buy orders (April) Resolved

Hello :wave:

We have identified a delay in the estimated arrival of investments withdrawal and deposit.

This is nothing to worry about, your funds are always safe in the meantime!

Rest assured tech are looking into this issue and are working very hard to fix it.

It will be in your Plum account in the next few working days. We would recommend subscribing to our status page here to be notified by email when it is going to be resolved.

Sorry about this! If you have further questions do let us know!

Thank you!

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I have 3 that are 5 days overdue. Was getting worried, :+1:

Hi Darren,

May I ask you please if they are still pending?

Thank you!


Yes, still pending. Says should arrive on 16th April.

Hi Darren,

I am really sorry about that. Our technical team is still working to fix the issue with the delayed buy-orders. You should have an update soon.

Thank you for your patience! :pray: