Dodgy investing

PLUM appear to me to be investing incorrectly.
My app shows the exact same amount of shares brought regardless of the amount of money invested.
An example is I get 3.509 shares for £5 invested and the next day or whenever they invest I get the same amount of shares for £10.
Exactly the same fractional amount.

This happens every day.
So I feel I’m being robbed of money.

Is this a glitch in the system?

Plum are also terrible to communicate with.
Does anyone know how to speak to an actual human.
Is there a complaints department and contact email or phone number.

Terrible service

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Hi there @alhorne380 , I can see someone from my team has already reached out to you and you have an ongoing conversation.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I double checked my daily investments just now. Seems that mine are purchasing as expected.
So hopefully it is just a glitch on your account and Plum will find and rectify it once you finally get hold of them.

Please do keep us updated though. Time spent waiting for them to answer and also if they found and fixed the bug.

Good luck.