Earn £25 for a 45 minute feedback call 🤩

Hi Plummunity!

We are building a cool new feature, but we need your help!

We want to make sure we prioritise according to our customers needs, and for this reason we’d love to interview some of you about your money spending habits, and whether you think this particular feature will help you save more money. We’ll also give a sneak peak as to what this new feature is shaping up to be like.

Your input will 100% influence the product roadmap.

The interview will be done over google hangouts, and we will also reward participants with £25 for a 45 minute call.

To take part, book a call at a time that suits you by clicking here


Booked! Cool new features incoming :calling:

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Interested. Are you still look for feedback?

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I would be interested in this

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