Earnings figure query

Hi - I wondered if anyone had noticed the following issue. I’ve tried to get an answer from “ask a human” but they haven’t been able to give me a definitive answer so far.

On the ‘portfolio’ page there is a list of all the funds I have paid into, with earnings shown as a percentage figure next to each one. However when I open each individual fund, the earnings % is very different

(in my case much less) and I can’t work out why.

Anyone else noticed this and have any theories? Hopefully something simple!


Did Plum answer the question?
I like Plum but communication with humans is very poorly run I must admit.
If they improve that part of the business then I may invest more but on this showing I’m heading elsewhere next tax year.
Good luck with getting an answer

Yes - and the answer is baffling I’m afraid!

I’ve been told the figure in parentheses (0.03%) is the simple returns calculation. Plum have told me this is earnings / deposit total.

In this example this would be 86.95 / 2971.77 which is 0.03, or 3% - not 0.03%!!

They seem to be mixing up decimal fractions and percentages.

I’ve also made the decision to leave based on this (plus investment fees going up, increasing monthly subscriptions etc) so will be off to vanguard soon.

Thanks for the reply

Plum have just contacted me to confirm I was correct and they are working on a fix now. Obviously quite concerning but at least it is getting sorted.

Hopefully anyone else affected should be in a similar situation.

That’s good to hear.
There is one thing that really annoys me is why do we have to join the ultra option to invest in some funds?
It makes no sense to me. They are not superior funds.
Rant over.


Most of the funds in my plum portfolio are with Vanguard, so it makes sense that I just transfer my ISA to them and pay much less in terms of fees and subscriptions.

I like Plum and they have helped me get started with investing, but recent experiences have put me off.

We are sorry to hear that we are no longer the right fit for you!

Please bear in mind that the subscription fee include more than just investing it also includes a higher interest rate, and other depositors.

Please take a look at this article to see what we offer for each subscription: