Facebook messenger delete

I have suspended my Facebook account for over 1 year and only haven’t deleted it as I need messenger, specifically for plum.
Since Plum has had its own app for some time, am I able to delete my Facebook account and my messenger account and still use plum?

There shouldn’t be any issue with that. Nothing I do with Plum is done through Facebook any more, it’s all in the app

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I think Plum is bow totally independent of Messenger.

You should be fine.

Excellent. Thank you.

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Hey @sleepfighting :wave:

Yes you can! But please, make sure to download the Plum app and sign in using the email which is linked to your Plum account.



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Just noticed this typo! Doh!

Sorry, I meant Plum is now totally I doesn’t of Messenger!

(But you probably worked that out)