Feedback about the new Stock Options (Beta Tester)

I’ve been in the beta program for about two months, after lots of playing I have the following feedback.

  1. The stock search is not that great (sorry for that feedback) but for example type the ticker characters for “o” this should be Realty Income Corp, there’s times when I search for something and it doesn’t seem to display what I had expected.

  2. When your in the stock screen, it does not show the stock ticker or exchange (for example view Verizon, you can see all the details but no stock ticker “VZ”)

  3. When in the stock screen the stock price is in dollars, but the graph below it is in local currency (for me GBP) the graph shows high and low price in GBP which is fine, but could we have an estimated current price below the real price in local currency, estimated would be fine, but we do know the exchange rate…

  4. The times i’ve wanted to buy 50 GBP of a stock and it says sorry but the markets are closed come back later, could we not have an option that allows us to accept that the stock may change price but schedule the buy at market open?



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Hey @PixelatedDad

Thank you for your feedback! :smile: :purple_heart:

Regarding #1 & #2, I have forwarded them to our Stocks team, for further investigation. :+1:

Regarding #3, our team is aware of that and is currently working on a fix. Make sure you keep your Plum app up to date.

Regarding #4, order queuing is currently being designed to be implemented soon. Limit-orders/stop-loss orders are discussed are options to be designed & implemented in the future.

FYI on this survey it says select as many as you like but I could only select 1 of the options:

In any case, AutoInvesting is most important feature I’d like to see implemented for stocks.