Feedback on Money Maximiser

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We would like to hear your thoughts on our recently added feature (Money Maximiser).

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I love it so far but I found it a bit complicated to sign up. Also the price is very good having in mind what this amazing feature does.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for your valuable feedback @Molly :pray:

I like it but you need ultra to have it, is that correct? On ultra you don’t get the monthly comparison report with other peers, you have to be on pro. Is there not a package for everything? Thanks

I haven’t started with it because when I get the list of regular payments up during registration, lots of major ones are missing e.g. £1000 a month for mortgage; couple of car tax payments for example. Then when I put £200 in for an amount to be set aside I get an error that unhelpfully only says “something went wrong, please try again later”. I got this yesterday too. So this one’s probably not for me.

Hi Emma,

Diagnostics are already part of Ultra plan on iOS devices. May I ask you please if you are on Android?

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Hi @Pilotbloke :wave:

I am sorry to hear that.

Could you contact our support team via ‘chat to human’ in the app, or by emailing please? Our support team will be happy to investigate your case.

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I’m using ios. And I have an ultra account. But it definitely won’t let me view diagnostics. It says I need a pro account

Hi @Ehadley

That’s odd :confused: Could you contact us via ‘chat to human’ in the app, or by emailing please? Our support team will be happy to investigate your case.

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Morning, this feature does not work on Android, I get the same message as Pilotbloke about something went wrong and not all dd’s are listed.

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Hello! thanks so much for this message, have DM’d you to get more info.

have sent you a DM to get your plum email so we can look into why this happened

this is a small bug thank you for pointing it out. It’s now fixed and will be released on Monday.

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Please extend it to weekly paid people too because I can’t even try it out.

Welcome to the forum Alex. Quite frankly it’s probably worth waiting a while until some of the bugs are fixed. At the moment it doesn’t even recognise my biggest Direct Debit, that has been paying out for a year, my £1034 mortgage payment!

After a few glitches I have managed to set up “money maximiser” I can see how it will be a really powerful tool to help me manage my money. However the fact that it doesn’t recognise my biggest debits going out - my mortgage payments (because I have 3 separate amounts) it doesn’t take them into account even though the same amounts are taken out every month. This needs to be a priority development. I’m on Android and it seems Plum does everything on ioS first despite in the UK having more Android than iOS users overall!

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When it initially set up it was missing big outgoings. I stopped it and since then I can’t amend anything on the system.

Hi Simon,

May I ask you please if you have contacted with our support team at ?

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I used it once and found it worked OK, since then I just keep getting error messages linking to my bank account
This week when I used plum on my tablet, there was an option to deposit money to my money maximiser, so I put some money in it manually. The money has cleared in the pocket, but my weekly spend hasn’t been set up and I keep getting an error message when I attempt to withdraw the money.
So my experience with money maximiser has so far been a poor one.
It’s a great idea, it does what squirrel used to do before they went in to administration