Feel free to share your tips with us πŸ’°

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2021 is finally here! It is a great opportunity to set new savings goals and grow your money with Plum :money_mouth_face:

We would love to hear your tips on how your new and old fellow Plumsters can get the best out of the Plum app.

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:point_right: Feel free to share your tips with us πŸ’°


My goal this year is to more than double the savings I made this year. I properly started using the app again in May 2020 and started investing in July 2020. I started the 52 week challenge via the app about 3 months ago now and my pockets are looking good!

I don’t know if this is something that is feasible but a feature that I would like to see is a section where plum investors along with the brains behind the plum app can share their ideas, tips and tricks to investing along with any future predictions they may have. I am new to investing and while I am learning a lot as I go, it would be nice to see what people in similar positions to me are doing. You might argue that there is a section for this in the investment section of this plummunity forum but maybe something built into the app might tie together more users?



Vanguard Tech and US are around 10%, even throuhg the diease.