Floating deposits

I made a large substantial deposit yesterday, funnily enough all my deposits are within my plum account instantly, I’ve never received any issues. The deposit shows still as pending with a date next to it of the (20/11/2021). I contacted through the app and spoke to a human (Oswaldo) who gave me conflicting information as to why my deposit was not instantly in my account, one minute telling me it’s because this had gone through as a direct debit and then telling me he can see it’s gone through as an instant with the date of the (20/11/2021) being the date, by the end of this date, that my funds would be available. Guess what? It is now the (21/11/2021) and I’ve still no explanation and no access to my pending funds. The app is still showing as it being available on the (20/11/2021) but obviously this isn’t the case as it is now the next day. My money is clearly floating around somewhere, the bank has assured me it has left their end, it’s just lost through Plum somewhere, this wasn’t a small amount either and I needed to withdraw some of this back ASAP due to providing for children. The assistance through the app has been unhelpful and I would like an explanation ASAP in regards to where my funds are.

Hi @Megoaklzz :wave:

We’re really sorry to hear that.

It seems that our support team has resolved your issue.

Could you confirm please?


Hi I have the same issue. I deposited money into plum from my main bank account and usually have no problems but after the payment was setup and it goes back to the true layer page it wasn’t going back onto plum like it usually does when I make a payment. I went onto plum and it said that all my payments were there and in my different pockets I had selected. I have gone on this morning to find that some of the deposits have cancelled? But the money hasn’t been returned to my main bank account so I’m confused as to where it is. Non of them are pending as it says they have been cancelled but I have not done this? I am concerned about where my money is and if I’m going to get it back.

Hey @Molly1 :wave:

Could you please contact our support team at help@withplum.com, so that we can further assist you with your issue?


J’ai le même problème que vous et je vouais savoir si votre problème a été résolu?