Frustration at lack of turnaround

Anyone else dismayed at how long it takes Plum to give you your investment back when you withdraw?

I was almost two weeks from “selling” (withdrawing) to actually getting the money in my account.

It smacks of we will sell, hold your money in a wee account for a week for interest to our own bank, and then and only then will you get your cash

​Hey there :wave:

The length of time it takes for a sellout to complete depends on the fund. On average it takes around 7 working days. This is because we have to communicate the sellout request with our partner and they have to process the sellout and send the funds back to us. The steps go roughly like:

  1. Sellout request: Submit to our partner (it is usually submitted at around 2PM so if you request the sellout after that time it is submitted the next day)
  2. Partner sells the funds
  3. Partner sends the funds back to Plum
  4. Plum puts the funds in your Plum

We hope to make this process faster in future.