Give us access to our money

Sick to death of hearing sorry
Plum for months now has had major issues with direct debit not clearing into pockets
This has gone beyond a joke now

Sorry is not good enough especially when we pay for a service and you are not giving the service we pay for!!!

Sorry from you guys and it will be fixed soon is full on lies !!!

You are fast enough to take the monthly fee from us but utter rubbish at fixing issues

You should hang your heads in shame for how you are treating your customers!!!

Good evening @Dean666

Please accept my deepest apologies for the issue you are experiencing.

I had a look and I can see that you are in contact with my colleagues at, and that your issue currently has high priority.

We do apologise it is taking longer than anticipated to resolve your issue. I am afraid the issue is quite complex but rest assured our tech team is working hard to sort this issue.

Again, I truly do apologise for any inconvenience and frustration this might have caused.

I’m not being funny this has been going on for months
I’ve had to send message 6 times for the same thing over a very long period of time as it keeps happening
Over and over again the same thing WE ARE SORRY

We pay for a service you are not for-filling your side of what we pay for.

Stop saying sorry and get it fixed and fixed for good.