Got logged out of plum

Got logged out and now can’t get access to my account. I had to change my email as I cant access my old one. Plum keep sending verification to my old email.
I’ve messaged several times to notify them of change of email but nothing.
I need to access my account to make a withdrawal.

Hello @Staceylou :wave:

Hope you are doing well.

We will need to take a look into your Plum account for more details. Could you please send an email to ? One of our agents will be happy to assist you :blush:



Hopefully they will actually get back to you, I am still trying to get access to MY money

Hello @Craigdickie7 :wave:

May I ask you please if you have contacted with support on ?

Thank you


Yea with no reply


Hi. Yes mine has been fixed thankyou

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Hey Craig,

Could you please check your inbox here in the forum for more details?

Thank you