Help with investments

Anyone know the best ones to invest in I’m 18 and just started investing and I am £3.17 up so far

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Below you can check to which funds some of your fellow Plumsters are investing :blush:

More info about investments can be found here

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Hi I’d suggest the Balanced bundle at first so there is some protection with bonds as you aren’t as exposedtothe stock market as high risk such as Tech Giants; look up the 2000 .com bubble to understand what I mean.

I’d say, invest in higher stock portfolios when you can afford to lose all the money in the account e.g. from £10 you invest £2 (£8 up)

Capital is at risk.
For example, if you need £20 and you have that plus the maintenance cost in your portfolio account, if there’s a bear market on that day, a high risk portfolio may mean that you only get £12 when you ask plum to withdraw your stock; as opposed to a low risk portfolio meaning you may have £17 to withdraw.