How to find pending deposits/buy-orders to investments

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To find your investments tap Investments, scroll down and tap one of your investment funds. Then tap ‘my activity’ and you should see your pending investments and when they will arrive.

They will not reflect your total investment balance until they are completed.

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In regards to this topic, and being a new plum saving and investment user, I found the data confusing. I decided to move my savings into investments but didn’t realise the delay between transfer and purchase (I now understand why due to stock purchase time). However it tooky a while to realise where my funds are, after using the plum help desk, as my homepage didn’t reflect the true total, it was my invested total only, I had to go and dig around to find pending. Therefore I really do think a simple fix is to have on a person’s landing page under investments, Total Invested, and Total Pending to give you a complete view of your funds.

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Hi Andrew,

We really appreciate your valuable feedback.

We will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team.

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