How to start investing

Hi guys, my name is Peter Watson and I am curious to know how plum works in investing my money?

Hi Peter :wave:

Getting started is quick and easy!

Just select ‘Start Investing’ from the main menu of your app.

We’ll need to confirm a few details with you to complete your sign-up, but this usually takes only a couple of minutes.

Before opening an account, you may be asked to provide further documentation for us to verify your identity. You’ll be notified if this is the case.

For more info, please check our help center below:

Thank you!


There are pretty clear indications of risk that attach to each fund. Ask yourself what your appetite is for losing your capital and whether you are content to stay invested for medium to long term, usually thought of as approx 10 years. Be prepared to ride out the ups and downs of markets (March 2020 wasn’t pretty for someone who hadn’t long been investing, so big drops had a large impact on small investments). Overall I’ve been happy with the Balanced Bundle (Vanguard LifeStrategy 60) & The Medic. I’ve just mustered the nerve to start going into Rising Stars. The capital will build slowly, so there’s not much risk at that level but the returns will be low at first too.

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