HSBC / Fast Payment - Fraud

Hi, I’ve repeatedly had my HSBC account suspended due to suspected fraud when paying sums to Plum Fintech Ltd. HSBC are refusing to pay any sum to your entity which is causing me significant problems (and I suspect you!). What’s the issue please.

Hi :wave:

We are really sorry to hear that.

For more details, we will need to take a look into your Plum account.

Could you contact us via the In-App chat or send us an email to please? Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you!


Thanks Georgios. I have emailed you. I suggest someone speaks to HSBC at a corporate level as it’s taken me four days to gain access to my accounts again due to payments to Plum Fintech as part of your fast payment process. Not doing that again!!!

Hi Paul,

I am really sorry about that.

I have sent you an in app-message.

Thank you!