Interest Missing

Not seeing any interest for July 2022

Hey Gazza,

In order to confirm this and assist you further, we will have to take a look at your account.

Could you please contact our support team at in order to check why the interest has not being added?

Please bear in mind that if the interest is less than 0.00 GBP it will not be shown in the app as the number would be too long, if this is the case you can always contact our customer support ( and they will gladly provide you with the amount of interest added.


Feel free to check my accounts. The interest should definitely be more than zero.


Hey @Gazza

In order to check your account, please contact us at, so one of our agents will happily assist you further in this matter!


The interest was added to my pockets on the 11th July. Better late than never !!

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We are Glad that this issue is now resolved!