Investment total earnings (or losses) shows a negative value incorrectly

Since yesterday, the total earnings/losses value, which shows just under the amount of money you have invested and the totals graph, as an incorrect figure. The percentage increase of earnings, which is right next to it, is correct, but the monetary value is wrong - massively wrong (thousands of pines out, and in the wrong direction). I cannot even see how it gets to this number from any of the figures.

The values everywhere else, even further down the same page where it shows you the true earnings/losses total, show correct.

In the screenshot above it shows the positive percentage increase in funded investment, but the value is massively negative.


Thanks for letting us know!

However, please bear in mind that we cannot provide you technical support via this Forum.

Please contact customer support at in order to get help.


I’m confused. The title of this forum section says to report bugs here and you will investigate?

Our tame tech humans are some of the finest in the land… but from time-to-time, there may be bugs. Here you can tell us about any problems you find, so that we can fix them, pronto! We’ll also keep you updated with progress on any known issues.

The issue has now been resolved.