Just joined. Got the App. No Bank connection


I have just downloaded the app on my mobile. I was directed through to the area wheere you have to select your bank. Clicked on that. Message came up:

Sorry this feature is currently unavailable
Please Try again Later

I have been trying again later

and later

and later

Plum? Can you advise, help or otherwise make my day??

Steve Clarke

Hello @SteveClarke59 :wave:

The error OBA28 usually happens when the user is new to Online Banking and needs to wait a few days to get all the features available: [Barclays] Why am I seeing OBA19 or OBA 28 error?

Is it possible that you opened a new account in the last 5 days and got this error when trying to link that particular account?

Also, have you just recently installed the Barclays app on a new phone at the moment of the error? Barclays told us that this could be the reason as well. In that case, waiting for a few days will resolve the issue. Could you try relinking next week?

If not, I’ll further escalate this for you! :blush: