Lack of investment options

I’m looking to invest in companies such as Rolls-Royce, LXi REIT, Reckitt Benckiser, AstraZeneca, Seraphim Space Investment Trust. There seems to be a lack of variety on the app. I love it but it’s only really good for basic stocks and investment funds. It’s forcing me to use other apps to invest and is a bit frustrating.

Rolls Royce is a Nationality Declaration Stock (some of those other may be too) which means it’ll take a very looong time to get those on the platform. It took Freetrade years after they launched U.K. stocks to implement Nationality Declaration Stocks.

For now, Plum has a good MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of US shares, that hopefully over time they’ll expand the offering of markets to the U.K.- and EU- stocks.

Totally get the frustration, personally I like using various investment apps as they all have something the other may not.

Thanks that’s helpful and I like the layout of plum and how I can see how my money is invested and how I’m doing in general and it makes it much easier to invest. What’s the best alternative app for investing in they none.

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Yeah also like the Plum layout. Looking forward to them hopefully enabling AutoInvest for individual stocks in ISA account.

Also: regarding lack of options worth noting they’re limited to the 8000 US stocks their partner Alpaca offers.

Don’t have any specific recommendations tbh especially as this is Plum’s forum. But will just mention a few low cost apps I use: Plum, Trading212 and Dodl by AJ Bell. Notable mentions I don’t use atm include Freetrade and Lightyear.

Hi there @ElliotHodgson
Thanks so much for the feedback, I will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team. :+1:

Currently, we offer investments from companies in S&P 500 stocks.

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Thank you for all the nice comments and support!

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