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I started investing with plum about 8 weeks ago now and it baffles me. Not because of plum but because I just don’t get stocks, bonds, shares etc. I hope by plum just adding some my saving to a bundle it is paying off :grimacing:

Snap!! :raised_hands:t3: I only started a few weeks ago mind… I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing either but I’ve invested! :rofl:
I’ve been saving with plum for around 8 months now… I’m very happy with what I’ve saved so far… :slight_smile:

Hopefully just by doing what we’ve done, we’ll see the benefits soon :grimacing:

Happy investing :face_with_monocle:


It would be interesting to see how it goes :blush: Don’t hesitate to share your progress with us!

I asked this on Plums IG but didn’t get a reply. So when you invest, how do you know what price you invested at? For example, if you invested in Tech on the 1st August and the price was 70p, but it doesn’t go through until the 8th August, which is now at 75p, at what price did you invest at?

Also, if you have an automated payment to invest in that portfolio, what price does it invest at each time, is it the first price you bought at or the current price!? How can you find this out and will plum create something so you can see this info yourself to track?

​Hey there :wave:

The investment functionality we offer aims to longterm gains rather that shorterm. So, you don’t earn based on the daily fluctuations but on how well a Fund is performing overtime.

When you instruct Plum to buy shares, Plum instructs the product provider to buy the fund units that correspond to the requested amount at the next trading cycle of that fund.

Those units will be bought at the price of the next trading cycle. So, until the provider/market announce it every day no one actually knows the exact price they are getting - this is standard across the industry.

If the price moves up the next day, you will get a bit less than you asked. If the price moves down, you will get a bit more.

This is further explained in the Investment Terms and Key Features Document (which you can find in the Settings / Documents section).

I hope this clears things up but let me know if you have further questions!



I wonder if a thread for people to showcase their progress and perhaps describe how long they’ve been investing, might be a good idea. In this way, those who have only just started, or who are looking to start, can get a sense of what it might be like.

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