Money being taken in too large a chunk

Hi. Lots of feedback on your Facebook page re the fact that Plum has stopped taking small amounts and is aggregating rules and taking all at once. Why not small amounts anymore? It makes the impact more noticeable instead of saving in a way that we don’t notice. FB page used to be really responsive but admins have gone v quiet on there.

They’ve gone quiet because they have no intention of reverting this change. It’s been more than 3 months without a response to people’s concerns. They clearly don’t want that cohort as customers anymore.

Hi @iammote :wave:

Your feedback is highly appreciated and it means a lot for us.

The product team reviews all feature requests we get and we spend a lot of time researching and working on improvements.

In the meantime, If you feel that Plum is savings too much can turn off one or more of the saver rules by going to Brain>Rules > Toggle the desired ones off.

Again, thank you!


It’s not the rules that are the problem, it’s the fact that you’re aggregating them.