Multiple investment pockets


I would like to invest money that is given for our 1 year olds birthday/Christmas/gifts but don’t want it to get mixed up with my own Plum investments.

It would be handy if there was a way to have multiple investment pockets, so I can store my daughters money away from my own. Is this possible or is this a feature that can be added in the future? I’d like to name the pockets like we can for the saving pockets.

I know we can have the option for multiple saving pockets, but I would prefer her to reap the benefits of stock investments over the 0.4% interest!.

Sorry if this has been posted or suggested already…


I think that anything given to your daughter that you want to invest other than in a JISA (which Plum don’t do) just has to be invested in accounts in your name, ISA or otherwise. It will be considered your money, to be taxed as normal.
It will be you investing.