New feature in the making, test it now! 🤩

Hi Plummunity,

I’m Jess, a Product Manager at Plum. We’re developing an exciting new feature and we’d love to hear your feedback!

We want our community to be a part of this new development, and help us test it! We’re looking for 100 Plumsters on all plans that would like to get a sneak peek of fintech products in the making.

It’s super easy, we will email you the instructions on how to download a special version of the app.

Please sign-up with your Plum email by clicking :point_right: here :point_left: by Thursday evening.

Thank you :sparkles:


I’ve installed the test version of the app and can see combo saver listed against my pockets.

Looks tidy and clear.

Only thing is that I hope this doesn’t prevent future ideas from happening, like sending all of your rainy days saving to a rainy days pocket for example.

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I think there might be a minor display bug with interest bearing pockets - I watched the ‘next day withdrawal’ text in the top right corner of the pocket tile simply vanish. When this happened, clicking on more info in the activity feed for the pocket showed instant access and info that relates to the instant access. Relaunching the plum app corrected this. And I’ve been able to recreate a couple of times. It seems to be intermittent.

Hope that helps.


Hey, thanks for your feedback, are you able to send a screenshot to

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Thank you for letting us know @badobsession81

The team will investigate this. :pray:

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Hi Jess. I’ve sent two emails - one with a screenshot and the other with a video showing the issue in action. If you haven’t received the video it might be because it was a large file, so please let me know where I can upload it and I will resend.

Hope that helps

Signed up and waiting to see :smiley: