New here and looking for advice

Hi, could someone please explain how to use the investment side of the app please? I am not sure how to invest in different things such as Tech Giants etc.

I would appreciate any advice

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@Amz1985 & @CoatesJessica maybe able to share their experiences/choices.

You can choose either/or/and basic funds (great foundations for beginners):

… and advanced funds (to add a bit more flavour in top of a solid basic foundation):

Personally, I’d suggest choose 1 basic fund - either “balanced” or “growth”, plus 1 advanced fund (tech is popular because tech companies are innovative so tend to deliver higher reward for higher risk). And just AutoInvest into them every month for years.

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Hey Jaycee, investments don’t need to be scary, but do make sure you understand what you are getting into before you dabble.

Your capital is always at risk - this basically means that you could lose everything you put in. If you’re okay with that, then (and some may criticise me for saying this) the best way is to just give it a try. Put in what you’re prepared to lose.

For me, that was 30% of what I auto-save.

You can pick fairly risky investments that potentially have really high reward (but the flip side is you could lose big!) or more ‘stable’ investments. Even with the more stable investments you could in theory lose everything you put in, but they are safer than the more risky investments - they just don’t typically earn you as much as those with a higher risk/reward.

Hope that helps you decide!

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Thankyou for your advice :slight_smile:

I will take me time getting used to it, thankyou for your advice :slight_smile:

Hello @Jaycee :wave:

You can check the link below, it might help as well :blush:



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