Not all my money in my accounts

So far in april ive put in 46 pounds and ive only able to see 17 pound so where is the rest of my money i go on to investment and nothing on there pending or in tracking so wth is goin on. Everytime i try to talk to someone it always says be bck in 1 hr / 2 hr i need to talk to someone now. Also when i try to deposit it rejects it all the time this app really needs to be sorted im not happy at all

I’ve had a similar issue I’ve tried to withdraw money and it’s showing the moneys been taken on plum but when I check my main account nothing the moneys just floating somewhere normally when I withdraw money it instantly goes into my account very strange
Hope you get it sorted!

Hey @Emmamommy @Rjodie

I can see that you contacted my colleagues at, and that your questions were answered. :+1:

Let me know if you need anything else! :smile: