Pending Investments & Survey

You speak & we listen :muscle:t3:

Here you can see a sneak peek of an upcoming improvement that we have been working on in the last few weeks.

One of the most common questions we get is “Where are my investment deposits/withdrawals?”

So we’ve built Pending Investments to provide greater transparency to our users. Let us know your feedback & what other improvements you would like to see from us.

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Help us with the following survey

Introduction of new funds

We are planning to expand the list of funds currently offered. Please choose up to 3 funds below based on your preference:

  • Bond fund: a fund that invests in fixed income securities of companies and governments.
  • ESG: a fund with investing criteria that take into consideration environmental, social and ethical factors as determined by the Index provider and exclude stocks that violate United Nations Global Compact principles
  • Clean Energy: a fund that invests in companies that operate in the clean energy sector
  • Gold: a fund with exposure in companies which derive a significant proportion of their income from gold mining or commodities such as precious metals
  • Water: a fund with exposure to companies involved in the design, manufacture, or sale of products and services in connection with the water sector.

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We are also planning to expand the product offering by including a LISA and a Junior ISA(s) account. We are considering charging an extra £1 per month for each one of these products (i.e. if you have both you will be charged an extra £2 per month). Would you register for:

  • Just the junior ISA (within this offering you will be able to hold one ISA per child)
  • Just the LISA
  • Both Junior ISA and LISA
  • None

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If you have selected (d) none, please provide some more details on why you would not subscribe to any of these two products.

For Junior ISA and LISA, would you prefer a cash account or a stocks & shares one?

  • Cash Junior ISA & Cash LISA
  • Stocks and Shares Junior ISA & Cash LISA
  • Cash Junior ISA & Stocks and Shares LISA
  • Stocks and Shares Junior ISA & Stocks and Shares LISA

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  • Lifetime ISA: is a saving account that can be used to buy your first home or save for later in life. You can put in up to £4,000 each year, until you’re 50. The government will add a 25% bonus to your savings, up to a maximum of £1,000 per year. More details on the Lifetime ISA accounts can be found at

Stocks and Shares Investing

We are considering offering the capability to invest in individual stocks. Would this be something you would use to invest your money?

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes: What companies would you like to invest in? Write your answer in the comment section.

If no: please provide some information on why you would not invest in individual stocks. Write your answer in the comment section.


Would you be interested to invest in cryptocurrencies?

  • Yes
  • No

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If Yes, what cryptocurrencies would you like to have access to? Write your answer in the comment section.

If No, please provide some information on why you would not invest in cryptocurrencies. Write your answer in the comment section.

High interest via crypto lending

Would you be interested in cryptocurrencies lending, i.e. lend your cryptocurrency to earn high interest denominated in cryptocurrencies?

  • Yes
  • No

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Any additional feedback

Please provide any additional comments or feedback you have regarding the Plum investments offering.

Pending payments functionality looks good and clear - thanks.

Not really seeing the added value Plum would give for junior ISAs at a charge - I do this through my bank already for my kids via standing order. If part of pro or plus then I might move the accounts over for convenience.

The new funds sound great if coupled with explainers about what makes them different to existing ones - eg ethical, or sector based.
Expanding investments to stocks sounds great too but I’d want some Plum blogs to guide people with their first steps into stocks. Probably interested in tech and green energy companies there.

Finally, no idea about cryptocurrency so couldn’t give an opinion on those questions!

Still hoping to be able to save from a joint bank account (as well as my primary) in the future - is this something you’re still working on?

Hope that helps!


Hello @badobsession81 :wave:

We really appreciate your valuable feedback!

At the moment we don’t have something concrete about joint account option but our technical team has taken it into consideration.

Again, thank you.



In terms of introducing new funds, I’d say in your (thematic) coverage enable access to:
The Globe: VWRL or equivalent
Global dividends: VHYL or equiv
Cloud computing: KLWD or equiv
Video Gaming & eSports: ESPO or equiv
EV space / Batteries: BATG or equiv
Islam compliant: iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITS ETF or equiv
Automation and Robotics: RBOD or equiv
Cyber security: ISPY, LOCK or equiv
Artificial Intelligence: AIAG or equiv

I already invest in individual stocks using Freetrade and Trading212 commission free, and they specialise in this space. So would be a hard sell for me to use Plum over those for individual shares, but rounding up and micro-investing into some of the above ETFs above would be cool.

I have a stocks and shares LISA with Nutmeg, and if i could have that in Plum instead I would, again especially if I had more choice of funds as Nutmeg is very prepackaged/managed by risk appetite over choice. When you say additional £1, would it be possible to have the stocks & shares LISA for £1 a month separately from the GIA/ISA if you don’t want that?

Crypto (Bitcoin predominantly) is cool, but only if done properly and is still very niche. A crypto ETP via Plum invest would be a differentiator.
High interest wise, would you be going down the DeFi route to generate the high interest? Plums ratesetter partnership was partly what made me discover Plum even though it was cut off before I could use that product, so inflation beating interest is something that’d peak my interest.


Trading212 just added this last week, quite convenient. Would like to see this or equiv on the Plum invest shelf: