Plum API for Savings/Investments Balances?

Hi Plum Community!

Is there a Plum API available for consumers?

I have a few money pots spread around, including Plum.

I’m building a personal dashboard to track everything, and I’d like to include my investment/savings balances from Plum too.


Hi @PaulRose :wave:

I am afraid we don’t have Plum API available for users, but I can pass your feedback to your product team.

Thank you! :blush:


Thanks Georgios. It would be great for pro users, especially considering there are investment balances here. Even if it’s just an endpoint to query savings/investments balances.

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That’s an interesting idea Paul. Do you mind me asking what other financial apps / services / investments do you use - and if they provide APIs?

Sure. I’ve got pots in 3Commas, Coinbase, eToro, Binance & FTX. All have APIs available.

These all have quite a bit of functionality behind them, which I appreciate wouldn’t be the same for Plum, but a query API would be good. For now, I’ll update this manually each week.