Plum Debit Card

Anyone else got a Plum Debit Card?
I’ve been having big issues with this card it gets declined frequently despite funds being available.
Then I had a fraudulent transaction last week. I reported this but have to say that the response to all issues has been very slow.

Hi Jules,

I can see that two member of hour team are handling your case, one of them has replied 17hr ago ad then update you with another email an hour ago.

In case your ticket has been raised to the tech team, please bear in mind that is taking few working days as the team is working also in other cases.

Could you please be so kind as to replied to my colleagues so they can continue with the help?

Thank you!

Thanks for your response. I posted on this forum because I thought it would be useful to establish it other people had faced a similar problem.
For reference I flagged the fradulent transaction on the 13th of July using the chat function. So a response 5 days later is not that great.

Hello again Jules

This is really useful feedback, we will pass it on to our product team. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I’m glad your issue is being already handled.