Plum Investor benefits

Are there any Plum investor benefits? I can see a separate section or classification for investors.

Hi @linus.dsouza :wave:

I am happy to help you. Could you elaborate or send a screenshot so we check this together?

Thank you! :blush:


Hi @Georgios,
I’ve invested in Plum through Seedrs. Do I get get the ultra membership as an investor perk?

Any updates on this?

Hi @linus.dsouza

I am sorry for the late reply. Have you tried contacting with our support team at ? :blush:

Hi @Georgios, I’ve messaged customer service via chat

I received an email telling me about my Ultra 12month investor award so that’s now activated. I haven’t heard of the other benefits yet (Hoodie, T-Shirt, Stickers?)

Hey @Jalfrezi

Our team is currently preparing those extra rewards and will be in contact with all eligible users in the coming days. :+1:

Thank you for believing and ultimately investing in Plum!

Thanks, good to know! Looking forward to wearing that purple hoodie!

It is a neat hoodie, isn’t it? :smile: :purple_heart:

I’ll tell you when I get it!

Hope you have XXL size