Plum stock prices

Why are stocks costing a lot more in this Plum app than other platforms
An example is BP
On Plum it costs $35.89
On other platforms it’s £4.81



Kindly note that the stock price is universal and it is set by the US stock, not Plum or any other website. I have taken a look at the BP and the price matches Plum’s.

Please contact us at in case you would like us to investigate this further.


I am still not happy with this.
On my Trading212 account BP is £4.81 a share on the London Stock Exchange

How can it be £35.89?

Are there two different BP stocks?

London Stock Exchange is 476.85p or £4.77
New York Stock Exchange is $35.58
Frankfurt Stock Exchange is € 5.41

Depends which stock exchange you are investing with.
Obviously PLUM is getting theirs from NYSE.

Different exchanges will have different derivatives of amount of stocks. Hence the difference in prices.

Hope this helps.

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That’s a massive difference is share price.

Why does Plum use the US and not the LSE?

Is the dividend payout different?

It all depends on how many shares have been created on the relevant exchange.
The less shares available, the higher the price usually is.

BP on LSE:
Market Cap = £86.19 billion or $106.29 billion
Shares outstanding 18.89 billion
Dividend payout: 3.92%

Market Cap = $107.18 billion or £87.2 billion
Shares outstanding 3.02 billion
Dividend payout: 3.82%

As to why Plum uses NYSE and not LSE, I have no idea. But relatively little difference if you factor in Market Caps and Share allocations.

Hope this clears a little up for you.