Pockets and saving

I am now on the Plum trial for 2.99
Will the saving rules be applied for my other accounts which are already linked to Plum, but only apply to the main one which is linked to the Plum account, why can’t I create a pocket but use another linked account to withdraw the money instead of the main one?

I wish to create another pocket and get the options of Easy access Saving 0.55% or Instant Access but only the saving is protected wit FSCS, is the instant access not protected then?

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Your Main Account is your linked account that Plum moves money to and from. It is the account that we’ve used to set up a Direct Debit mandate with your bank.

An Additional Account is a secondary account that you have linked to Plum, so that we can give you a smarter, more tailored experience. An Additional Account can be a current account, or a credit card, such as Amex or Barclaycard.

Your Plum savings are deposited in a secure account and held as e-Money by Payrnet, our e-Money provider. This means your money is ring-fenced and cannot be lent out by the bank. It also cannot be claimed by any of Payrnet’s creditors.

This means if the holding bank, our e-Money provider, or ourselves go bankrupt you will not lose any of your money. This is very important to us and will always be the case with your Plum deposits.

You can read more about that here.

In a nutshell, the money is equally safe – if not safer – with Plum vs your bank.