Referral campaign nightmare

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks asking friends and family to sign up to Plum, in an attempt to claim the £80 rewards currently on offer.
I had a notification that I had successfully referred three people, and therefore would receive a bonus within 5 days.

After that was when the problems started.
My referrals are no longer being counted (there has been at least another 4 since), and I have not received the first bonus.

Having used the online chat, none of the employees seem to know what the Plum terms and conditions are.
The T&C’s state I will receive my bonus within 3 working days.
The referral campaign email stated 5 days.
The email confirming I had earned a bonus stated 7 days.

Yesterday I was told I would receive the bonus today.
I’ve now been informed that I will not be receiving the bonus today.

I’ve already submitted an official complaint regarding my referrals not being counted, and now this!

Hello there,

We are sorry that your experience with Plum has not been the best.

I would like to kindly inform you that, the tech team is already checking your case and working to resolve this. This is a technical issue with your referral bonus as we informed you and the engineer are working as we speak to resolve this.

As you have requested to raise an official complaint, please kindly note that you will receive the final response letter in the timeframe described in the Complaints Procedure PDF provided to you.

We apologise for the time this has taken as it is far from the service we want to provide.

We appreciate your patience and collaboration until this matter is solved.

Thank you.

Just thought I’d post an update on this situation.
After telling me several times that a referral I had made was successful, but was ‘pending due to the direct debit waiting to clear’, and that my ‘bonus would be paid once it had cleared’ I checked in with the friend I had referred. Turns out he had been using the app with no problems at all.
Once again I contacted the online chat to inform them of this, and I then told that the referral did not count as the friend had already signed up to Plum years before. My friend has no memory of this, did not download the app, and cannot find any emails regarding his sign up from then.

Plum are also now telling me that any bonus will be paid within 14 days, not the 5 days that they advertised at the start of the campaign.

What is going on with this company?
I’ve never known anything like it.

Regarding the official complaint I have filed, I was told I would receive a written response within 15 working days. It’s now passed that, and I’ve heard nothing.

Hi there!

We apologise that this process has been confusing for you, we will pass on your feedback to the relevant team.

I had taken over your case and informed you of the latest update regarding the team via the chat, as the issuer is now resolved, you will find all the info in our chat.

As for your official complaint, the relevant manger is working on it and is going to contact you as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you!