Regular payments

How do I get plum to recognise all of my direct debits. Im on android so can’t add new direct debits but it doesn’t pick up on half of my direct debits. Is there something I can do?

Hey there! :wave:

In order to detect regulars Plum analyses the last 3 months of transactional data. As a result some regulars may not show up, especially if they are really new. They may also not show up if:

  • The amount varies greatly by month
  • The payments do not come out regularly
  • If the payments are made multiple times per month

If you use Plum on iOS and have Pro you can add/remove regulars via the True Balance feature. If not you have to rely on the rules mentioned.

The good news is if they are new monthly payments they will start showing up after a few months.

I hope this helps! We are working continuously to improve regulars!