“Return” compares historic earnings against existing investment

The return % is the historic earnings as a % of existing investment, which is a bit deceptive really isn’t it?
E.g. I had a large investment in a fund and made £5 earnings. I take most of the investment out and leave a small amount in. My “return“ then jumps from 3% to 40%. I haven’t made 40% return on this fund. I made 3%.

Hello Leo!

Your overall Fund Total also includes your Earnings £, and so the Return % is calculated against your original investment amount (which is the Fund Total minus the Earnings).

Please note that any figures shown will not account for pending orders, which are essentially not invested yet.

More information about Plum investments can be found in our FAQ pages (https://intercom.help/withplum/en/collections/1485730-investments).

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