Save / watch specific stocks

I’d like to be able to favourite specific stocks that I may not want to invest in yet but is of interest or would like to watch for a better opportunity. So on the app it’s a short cut of sorts back to that stock so I don’t have to remember more obscure stocks or keep typing it in.

If I could then turn on a daily notification when the stocks I have added to my favourites is either up or down I can act accordingly, or if it had an option as an iPhone widget that would be cool too.

Hope that is clear!

Love the app! Many thanks.

@Samiam Thanks so much for the feedback, I will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team. :hugs:

The product team reviews all feature requests we get and we spend a lot of time researching and working on new features. Whenever we do release new features, we’ll announce it in-app and via email, so I’d recommend keeping an eye for these.